Circle of Grace Training

In partnership with CRCNA Faith Formation Ministries

Monday October 2, 7:30-9:30pm via Zoom


Trainers: Liz Tolkamp & Faye Martin 

Circle of Grace is a Christian safe environment curriculum used and promoted in the CRCNA that helps teach  the value of positive relationships with God and others. Circle of Grace educates and empowers children and  young people to actively participate in a safe environment for themselves and others.  Circle of Grace | Christian Reformed Church 

It is never too early to help children understand how they are created in the image of God and how  relationships in life are called to be sacred. Understanding this can help children and youth protect  themselves, while at the same time be respectful of and toward others. 

Circle of Grace helps children and youth know how to: 

  1. Identify and maintain appropriate physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual boundaries. 
  2. Recognize when boundary violations are about to occur. 
  3. Demonstrate how to take action when boundaries are threatened or violated. 

Key Concepts of Circle of Grace: 

  1. God gives each of us a Circle of Grace where God is present. 
  2. God is present because God desires a relationship with us. 
  3. God helps us know what belongs in our Circle of Grace & what does not belong in our Circle of Grace. 
  4. God helps us know when to ask for help from someone we trust. 

Note: Circle of Grace is intended to supplement a K-12 church education curriculum for 1-4 weeks per year.  Teachers can often pull on the concepts throughout the year and embed them into your child/youth ministry. 

Safe Church ministry will support each church in establishing Circle of Grace into your current curriculum.  

Watch the Circle of Grace introduction video.

A Zoom link will be sent to registrants prior to the workshop. 

Contact info:
Liz Tolkamp:  //  604-996-3183
Faye Martin:  //  604-850-5137

Additional Services

CRC Safe Church Ministry

BC Ministry of Children & Family Development

BC Government Victim Help & Support

Shelter Safe

ShelterSafe is an online resource to help women and children seeking information or safety from violence and abuse.

The British Columbia Safe Church Team (SCT) is a BC Classis Partner helping build and sustain healthy congregations. We are a ministry of the Christian Reformed Churches (CRC) in British Columbia - Classis BCNW and Classis BCSE. We exist to respond to the issue of physical, sexual, emotional, and abuse related concerns through preventative education and appropriate responding procedures. 

MCFD Helpline for Children
If you are a child or youth and would like to talk to someone, call the Helpline for Children at 310-1234. You do not need an area code. You can call at any time of the day or night and you do not have to give your name.